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Meaning of professional supervision
 The supervisor's role is not just to reassure the therapist, but to allow the emotional disturbance to be felt within the safer setting of the supervisory relationship, where it can be survived, reflected upon and learnt from. Supervision thus provides a safe, confidential environment for the therapist to progress in their career.
Importance of supervision
In our work in the caring professions, we may encounter unhelpful attitudes from clients/patients, ranging from lack of motivation, lack of willingness or motivation to be helped, through to downright rudeness. There are times when we may question why we are in this profession, leading to a lack of motivation on our part, and sometimes a feeling that we have nothing more to give.

Having someone who has been through this process, perhaps for much longer than we have, listen to our concerns and giving us the opportunity to discuss issues in confidence, may be just what we need to give us the energy and motivation to keep going.
Supervision can help us stand back and reflect, giving us a chance to avoid blaming others - clients, peers, society or even ourselves - for what we perceive as "failure", and help us take a fresh look at a challenging situation, learn from it, and search for new options.

Sessions and Fees

The Reflective Model of supervision is applied in our sessions.

Supervision is available on a one-to-one basis for students or newly qualified hypnotherapists and life coaches. The sessions are conducted via email or Skype. The fee is £20 for a 30-minute Skype session or £30 for an hour-long session, booked in advance. A fee of £5 for each email question applies, booking made on a monthly basis. All payment is made in advance via bank transfer. If four or more £30 sessions are booked and paid for, a 20% discount applies.

Structured, regular supervision sessions are conducted via Skype. Email should be used only for asking specific questions in-between Skype calls.

The Skype calls are audio calls, same as a phone call, and it's free.

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