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Special Offers

A number of special offers are available at present.

1. One-to-one Supervision

Supervision is available on a one-to-one basis for students or newly qualified hypnotherapists and life coaches. The sessions are conducted via email or Skype. The fee is £20 for a 30-minute Skype session or £30 for an hour-long session, booked in advance. A fee of £5 for each email question applies, booking made on a monthly basis. All payment is made in advance via bank transfer. If four or more £30 sessions are booked and paid for, a 20% discount applies.

2. Enrolling on CPD courses via the website

If you enrol on two CPD courses at the same time via this website, a discount of £20 is offered on the second/cheaper course.

3. Coaching via Skype

A 20% discount is applicable if 3 - 5 sessions are booked and paid for in advance.

Please contact us via this website using the Contact Us form or on the following email address:


Mobile: 07757 510354