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Skype Consultations

Consultations via Skype are available for:

  • Hypnotherapy*
  • Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Professional supervision (one-to-one)

Now you can make an appointment for a consultation via Skype without ever having to leave home. Your geographical location is not a problem either.

A Skype consultation is exactly like a face-to-face appointment, with the added advantage that there is no travelling involved. A convenient time slot will be arranged and the conversation can take place without the video - just like a telephone call. This option is favoured by a number of clients, and the call quality is superior to a video call.

You can contact Reena initially by email and then set up a Skype consultation at a time suitable for both. Even if you have never used Skype before, you will discover that it is extremely easy to set up a free Skype account. You can rest assured that your confidentiality will be preserved, at all times.

Please Note: Re: Hypnotherapy

In addition to being a general practitioner, Reena specialises in the following areas:

1. Pain management: hypnotherapy can be an excellent adjunctive therapy to medical treatment in managing various types of pain. The aim of hypnotherapy is to alleviate the distress and anxiety associated with pain.

2. Sexual disorders: The psychological aspects of sexual problems experienced by men and women can respond to hypnotherapy, helping them enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship. The psychosexual problems in men that respond to hypnotherapy include erectile dysfunction; early and delayed ejaculation and performance anxiety. Women presenting with inorgasmia, vaginismus and difficulty with lubrication can benefit from hypnotherapy. 

You don't necessarily have to experience a sexual problem in order to benefit from hypnotherapy. It can be used to learn new ways to enjoy a more exciting and fulfilling sexual life as well!

3. Stress and anxiety: Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapeutic tool for helping the client relax physically and mentally, enabling them to overcome the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis can help anxiety sufferers through general relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and by changing negative self-talk to positive beliefs and values.

Hypnotherapy is not, in and of itself, a therapy. It utilises therapeutic suggestions during the hypnotic, or highly focused state to enable the client to begin and maintain positive change. Hypnotherapists must never claim to 'heal' or 'cure' a condition which needs medical intervention.

The client is in control during the 'trance-like' state which is characterised by physical and mental relaxation, accompanied by narrowed focus and heightened awareness, during which the therapist's instructions and therapeutic suggestions are taken on board by the subconscious level of the mind.

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