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Resilience Coaching

Having qualified as a professional Life Coach in 2001, Reena specialises in Resilience Coaching.

A resilience coach works with a client with the objective of changing their thoughts and beliefs so that negative behaviour patterns are addressed; the origin of the negative emotion located and removed. The end result is that the client experiences the benefits of the new thoughts and beliefs as a long-term beneficial change.

Another feature of resilience coaching is to enable the client to re-programme their thoughts and beliefs so that they can be flexible in the face of tough, challenging situations and adapt their lives to changing circumstances to thrive rather than be overwhelmed by them.

The coachee/client may be engaged in any job or pursuing any career. This is immaterial to resilience coaching, as the sole objective is to address and remove negative thoughts, beliefs and actions that may be preventing the individual from reaching their full potential.

The client's physical location does not pose a problem either. Consultations are conducted via Skype, which replicates a face-to-face session. The Skype call can be an audio call rather than a video call if this is preferred; this improves the call quality.

The techniques include but are not limited to:
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy ™
  • Visualisation
  • Parts Therapy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Clean Living Techniques (regular physical, mental and emotional detox)
Who is it for?
Resilience coaching is suitable for anyone who is being held back from realising their full potential due to feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, fear or other negative emotions. The origin of these emotions is discovered and removed in order to effect long-term beneficial change.

Number of sessions
This will depend upon your particular issue and circumstances. As a guide, the number of sessions is usually between 3 and 6, with the average being 4. You will never be forced to commit to a minimum number of sessions.

Fee structure  
The fee for an initial 30-minute consultation is £30. You will be encouraged to ask questions in order to determine whether or not performance coaching is right for you. The fee for a one-hour appointment is £60.

Life/Health Coaching: £60 for a one-hour session. A package of four sessions is available at £220.

Business and Executive Coaching: £100 for a one-hour session. A package of four sessions is available at £375.

The objective of business coaching is to enable you to look at limiting thoughts, beliefs and actions holding you back from achieving your dream of running a highly successful business.

The fee is payable in advance in all cases, by bank transfer or PayPal (a secure, easy payment method which does not require you to have a PayPal account: you can use your debit/credit card).

Please contact Reena for further information on coaching by using the Contact Us page on this website, or on: