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Welcome to the Oxford School of Mindfulness Studies and Practice (OSMSP)

The practice of mindfulness entails living fully in the present moment, observing your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations objectively, without judgement.

The positive effects of mindfulness practice have been well-researched and documented in recent years, although the practice itself is an ancient one.

A lifelong practitioner of mindfulness meditation, Reena has been teaching mindfulness programmes for over a decade, to individuals as well as groups, including some businesses. She views mindfulness as a way of life, rather than a technique for addressing specific issues or problems; these are some of the beneficial "by-products" of regular mindfulness practice, which enable one to achieve a clearer, deeper understanding of oneself. As a result, some of the issues previously perceived as problems are no longer viewed as such.

It is important to bear in mind that the mindfulness courses, workshops and retreats are not in any way religious, but a completely secular practice open to all.

Mindfulness can be particularly effective in the education and healthcare sectors, as well as in the business community. It can alleviate stress and make individuals more productive. In the workplace, this can translate into fewer days of absenteeism, and a happier working environment. Mindfulness can be used to great advantage by athletes and sportsmen/women as well, as mental preparation plays a key role in their performance.

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