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Consultations and Supervision

Reena is a practising professional hypnotherapist. In addition to clinical hypnosis, she utilises other approaches such as mindfulness, NLP and coaching.

In addition to being a general practitioner, Reena specialises in the following areas:

1. Pain management: hypnotherapy can be an excellent adjunctive therapy to medical treatment in managing various types of pain. The aim of hypnotherapy is to alleviate the distress and anxiety associated with pain.

2. Phobias: a phobia is an extreme fear of an object or a situation which prevents the individual from leading a normal life. Some examples of phobias include a fear of heights; of enclosed or open spaces; fear of flying; and fear of certain insects and animals. A person with a particular phobia will often go to extreme lengths to avoid being in a situation which might bring them close to the object or situation triggering their phobia.

Hypnotherapy can help address phobic responses and enable the individual to overcome their irrational fear and become able to enjoy a normal life.

3.Stress and anxiety: Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapeutic tool for helping the client relax physically and mentally, enabling them to overcome the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis can help anxiety sufferers through general relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and by changing negative self-talk to positive beliefs and values.

4. Addictions: A person is said to have an addiction when a substance or a habit takes over their life to such an extent that  it makes it very difficult or impossible for them to live a normal life.

Hypnotherapy can be used to address an addiction, in conjunction with other therapies, aiming at enabling the person to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of the condition. However, it is important to note that hypnotherapy does not aim to "cure" the individual of the addiction. If they are able to overcome the addiction following hypnotherapy, then so much the better!

Reena's practice is based in:

 Southsea, Portsmouth

Fee: 1 hour:  £50

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 11am 7pm
A few Saturday appointments are also available.

To Make an appointment, please contact Reena on 07757 510354 or via email using the email address given below.

Professional Supervision

One-to-one supervision is available in hourly sessions. This service is available to hypnotherapists and life coaches. Reena is always mindful and respectful of the student's views, thoughts and beliefs, as well as their previous education in these fields.

A one hour session is available via Skype or email. The fee is £30 for an hour. For discounts, please have a look at our Special Offers page on this website.

Group supervision can be arranged by request.

For consultations regarding coaching, mindfulness or other issues, please contact me with your enquiry.

Note: Hypnotherapy is not, in and of itself, a therapy. It utilises therapeutic suggestions during the hypnotic, or highly focused state to enable the client to begin and maintain positive change. Hypnotherapists must never claim to 'heal' or 'cure' a condition which needs medical intervention.

The client is in control during the 'trance-like' state which is characterised by physical and mental relaxation, accompanied by narrowed focus and heightened awareness, during which the therapist's instructions and therapeutic suggestions are taken on board by the subconscious level of the mind.

Contact details:

Tel. +44 (0) 7757 510354

Please contact us via the Contact Us form on this website.
Alternatively, please use either of the following email addresses.