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Reena is the Founder and Principal of the Oxford School of Hypnosis, offering a range of externally validated training courses.

Qualifications and Training:

With a background in Psychology, Reena is a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy trainer and qualified Life Coach. She is also a Master NLP Practitioner, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a Mindfulness meditation teacher.

 Hypnotherapy training includes qualifications from the UK and the USA.

Hypnotherapy Trainers' Training qualification: UK.

Life Coaching qualification: UK.


With over 20 years in clinical practice, Reena has worked with a large number of clients from diverse backgrounds, all pursuing a common goal of starting and maintaining the process of of deep, long-lasting beneficial change.

Mindfulness meditation has been a part of her life for over 35 years, and the practice of silent meditation, over 20 years.

Trained in mindfulness meditation in a Buddhist monastery for a period of over three years. Also trained in the practice of silent meditation, in India and the UK.

Research interests

1. Studying the phenomenon of pain, especially chronic pain, and how this can be managed through hypnotherapy.

2. The role played by silence in the noisy world we live in; how detrimental it is for our health (supported by research evidence), and how we can take a few moments out of our busy lives to cherish the gift of silence. The objective is to pay attention to external and internal noise and notice what effect silence has on us, at several levels.

We all have the ability to achieve our highest goal, living from the core of our being. Sometimes, we just need a helping hand.